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Impact of COVID 19 on Indian textile industry - rsseosolution - 19-09-2020

At present, the world is taking on against the conflict of coronavirus pandemic. Also, there is no uncertainty that the service part, modern division, and service segment are experiencing a ton much high points and low points because of the changeability in the Indian economy. In India, the Indian textiles industries are one of the eminent areas among the various divisions in the country itself. Indian textiles account for about 4-5% in the global market. As its part into the worldwide market, it very well may be realized that the textile and clothing business industry is one of the noteworthy divisions for the country.
Retail locations may have shut their entryways however numerous floor covering organizations are running on skeleton staff—with exacting Healthy and Safety conventions set up—to prop business up. Creation may have stopped over the globe, rugs might be stuck on the way and there might be the profound vulnerability

Why Choose Rugs from India?

Handmade rugs are made in different nations of Asia like Iran, Turkey, India, China other than others. In any case, the custom handmade rugs crafted in India are the most favored because of their intricate designs, the high caliber of materials utilized for making them, and toughness.
In 2019, the United States imported a faltering $452 billion of goods from China. Just five minimal effort nations have GDPs bigger than that: India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, and Thailand. India is the greatest economy among these competitors and has the biggest undiscovered potential for filling part of the supply chain vacuum that is made by departure from China.

How We Are Dealing With The COVID Situation?

We are as yet getting new requests, we despite everything have a lot of delightful items and we keep on delivery to those objections that can get, dispatching.
Troublesome occasions call for innovative antitoxins to cure the ills on business set off by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the floor covering supplier network is working with its retail clients to do exactly that.
Numerous floor rugs suppliers are looking for distant options to in-person gatherings to forestall the virus' spread.
Furthermore, retailers are on the same wavelength. As per different sources, many significant area rugs suppliers— from forte to home focuses — have cautioned their rugs suppliers they are declining nearby gatherings with purchasers, picking rather meet for all intents and purposes through online settings
Likewise worthy and even liked: Video marketing comprising of short takes exhibiting rugs suppliers' new items and introductions for retailers' thought.

Safety Is Our Priority

Sanitized for your security
  • Different sanitizing stations at all our offices for workers and guests
  • Successive and convenient cleaning of all normal touch focuses like entryway handles and surfaces
  • Temperature checks and obligatory sanitizing for all entering our offices
Social Distancing for solidarity
  • The diminished workforce at workplaces and plants while keeping up 2 meters of separation between work stations
  • Incomplete work from home for staff, utilization of online gatherings
  • Weaving the rugs are done in the homes of the weavers, work from home from the very beginning
Sterile bundling for your trust
  • Precautionary measures for safe bundling by staff utilizing veils and gloves
  • Bundling and bundling territories and trucks are regularly sanitized
  • One-piece bundling for least chance of hand contact. Two layers of polybag are utilized, external one ought to be taken out external the home
  • Explicit staff relegated for pressing and are observed

COVID has affected the entire world a lot in terms of economy and life. People faced lots of economic losses during COVID. Almost every industry faced loss and the textile industry is the one among them.
We are the leading rugs supplier in India supplying rugs globally at competitive prices. We take care of all the safety measures to keep our employees and clients safe and secure from any kind of infection. 

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